Initiative 940

Leadership_Team.jpgThe De-Escalate Washington Campaign is a coalition of individuals and organizations who believe that police should use deadly force only when unavoidable and as a last resort. The Campaign believes that our laws should reflect our values and the initiative puts into law the duty to preserve and protect life.   The Coalition members believe that race and bias are a factor in policing and as a result people of color and marginalized people are disproportionately impacted by police violence.  Initiative 940 puts a high priority on de-escalation as a strategy to reduce these violent interactions, it requires training for mental health, and requires the rendering of first aid.  It also requires completely independent investigations, mandates inclusion of tribal governments when tribal members are injured or killed, and includes a diverse community in the development of policy. Lastly, because no one is above the law, the Initiative removes the immunity from prosecution for unjustified use of deadly force and replaces it with a good faith standard.     

The Campaign is unified and organized with families and people of color at its center, which reflects a commitment to assuring that the impacted communities lead the campaign.  

940 Leadership Team Members:

Leslie Cushman, Attorney and Citizen Sponsor, Lisa Daugaard, Attorney, Stephanie Ervin, Civic Ventures, Loretta Gutierrez-Sacks, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists,  Monisha Harrell, Equal Rights Washington, Alison Holcomb, ACLU Washington, Chris Lampkin SEIU, 1199NW, Ali Lee, Be The Change Network, Fe Lopez, board president One America, Nina Martinez, chair Latino Civic Alliance, Xochitl Mayokovich, Washington CAN, Kim Mosolf, Disability Rights Washington, Tim Reynon, Puyallup Tribe Councilmember, James Rideout, Justice for Jackie, Larry Shannon, Washington, State Association of Justice, Andre Taylor, Not This Time, and Heather Villanueva, SEIU 775. Toshiko Hasegawa, Japanese American Citizens League, Rev. Harriet Walden, Mothers Demand Police Accountability, Cynthia Softli, President of the Black Law Enforcement Association of Washington, Carolos Bratcher, National Black Police Association Board Member, Dr. Karen Johnson, President of the Black Alliance of Thurston County, and Marilyn Covarrubias, Justice for Daniel, are Campaign Ambassadors.