March for Racial Justice Washington

March with us in the official Washington sister march for the national March for Racial Jusitice.

The March for Racial Justice is a black and indigenous led multi-community movement united in our demands for racial equity and justice. We are calling for a reversal of laws, policies and practices that hasten inequality, dehumanize people of color and maintain white supremacy. We march because as long as U.S. laws, policies, and practices remain steeped in white supremacy, basic human rights and civil rights for all—our universal and constitutional rights—will never be fully realized.

We will be marching from Heritage Park up Capitol Way to the northern steps of the legislative building. For more information on the national march, check their official website at:

September 30, 2017 at 11am - 4pm
Heritage Park
Sophia ·
Abbey Bradley Christine Hinckley-Williams Carin Christy Jessica Marie Julie Williamson Keegan Wulf Jen Merrill Margaret Grace Mills Jennifer Liane Wulf Diana Wheat Elizabeth Alberti Mariah Boutte Marie Cousy Cheryl Williams Jean Madrone Diane Nero Barbara Fatemi Dakota Kae Bennett Thomas Kirk Head Elizabeth DeGroff Amelia Watson Melissa Estelle Debbie Elven Cheryl Jean Zane Zuchowski Philip Manijak Lynn Hicks Mallory Lowell Jenne Bl Jane Christenson Simon Finch Conrad Jim Barker Nanci LaMusga Kyleen Inman Kortney Mollè Marnie Beshaler Teresa Tucker Mariah Marshall Kayla Hayes Theresa Slusher Jessica Martinez Debi McNutt Pat Tassoni Chad Austinson James Afrok Bowman Zoltán Grossman Kathryn Akeah Riel LaPlant

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